Are Passion and Purpose the Same?

Last night my good friend and fellow lady-preneur, Casey LaRue interviewed me for her podcast and I’m SO excited about it. Casey asked me about my life, my business, how I got to where I am and we got to talking a lot about the differences between passion and purpose.  It was SUCH great conversation that I decided I’d elaborate a bit on the topic.

So what’s the difference? For me, following your passion is big. Passion is what really gets you going. Passion is what fuels you. Passion is what starts the engine!

But passion isn’t everything.

If you are looking to achieve RADIANT SUCCESS I’ve come to realize you must have two components figured out, or at least somewhat figured out: passion and purpose.

What’s the difference?

Passion is the emotions behind your dreams.  The dictionary actually defines a passion as a state or outburst of strong emotion aka a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

Purpose is the why behind it all. Depending on your faith of course, purpose may be that one thing that you know you’re meant to do and I believe it stems from a deeper connection with a higher power. It’s the reason we’re here.  Purpose is the deep reason for your existence.

And isn’t following your passion while living out your purpose is the ultimate life goal? Most of us have multiple passions, but we only have one purpose. So how do you determine which is which?

I want to share some of the exercises that seem to work for me, and I hope may work for you if you’re struggling with “figuring yourself out”:

Step 1: Create a Passion List. Identify what you like. What lights you up. What really excites ? Write everything down that comes to mind.

Step 2: Take away what you could do without.  What could you subtract from your Passion List and still feel like yourself?

Step 3: Manifesting your purpose. Look at that list, take notice of what that one common desire is. Your purpose is that burning desire that you can never take away from your mind or your heart.

Finding your passions is easier than you think. Take notice of the things you’re already doing on your spare time. What do you love to do when no one’s watching? What are those crazy ideas you have that you can’t stop thinking about?

If you start with your passions and move closer to your purpose. Passions lead you to the discovery of purpose.

But you might be asking yourself, why is it so darn important to figure out your passion? Your personal mission? Well, like any car, you can start the engine and hit the accelerator but in order to make it somewhere, you need to know where you’re going and how to get there.

Both passion and purpose can shift. We’re ever-changing and it’s totally ok to venture off into new passions. After-all, happiness is in the pursuit of it all.

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure about where to go next or need a little help figuring out what those passions are, I’m inviting you to book a complimentary coaching session with me. Yes, fo’ FREE!  I’d love to chat and talk about whatever is troubling you at the moment so we can figure out how to get you back on track towards a more purposeful life!