The Power of Journaling: 5 Benefits of Writing Everyday

The Power of Journaling

Journaling is a tool that can change your life and guess what? It will only cost you a couple bucks! I always journaled here and there but it was very inconsistent. Now that I am regularly writing things down, I feel a sense of better understanding. I feel like there were missing pieces and parts of me I didn’t really notice until I started writing about them. It’s also played a key role in what I consider my success. I feel happier, more organized and like I know what’s going on in my mind.

Even journaling just 20 minutes a day could bring you these amazing benefits:

Helps you know yourself and your truth better.

Experts believe journaling actually helps understand our own thoughts and feelings differently. It allows you to make a deeper connection with yourself and truly understand yourself better. It’s a great way to record the past and connect the dots between what you’ve done that has caused your present situation.

In my experience, journaling has helped aid self-discovery and revealed different aspects of myself that I believe were dug deep inside of me. As you write, you begin to let your thoughts flow naturally and find the “missing pieces.”

Reduces stress

Journaling is proven to bring us to a calmer state once we’re able to get those negative feelings down on paper. It allows you to organize your thoughts and help you solve problems more effectively. When we encounter problems we generally use the left side of our brain. When we journal, we’re forcing the brain to look at our emotions and challenging situations in a more creative way (using the right side of our brain)!

Make you happier through gratitude journaling 

Gratitude is a great way to reduce stress and improve your psychological health. There have been numerous studies proving that recognizing all you have to be thankful for – even during the worst times of your life – fosters resilience and happiness. Recently, I’ve been writing down three things I am grateful for every day before getting my day started and it’s actually improved my mood and the way I start my day. It reminds you that anything challenging you may be going through will pass, and that there’s something to be grateful for every single day.

Enhances creativity

Whether you’re writing down your memories or you’re writing your personal life story, journaling helps you become a more creative person. It gets your creative juices flowing! For those who use journal prompts, it gets you thinking about things you wouldn’t have otherwise thought about. It’s a great way to brainstorm and get all your ideas and future plans on paper.

Capture your life’ story

You see, our life is a story and journaling helps you see that story and literally write where you want your main character (you) to end up going. I can also tell you that it’s really neat to go back and look at some of the stories and memories you captured in your past and see those situations in a new perspective.

What you write about is up to you, whatever is going through your head. It’s a vague recommendation but that’s the only thing I could tell you. But to inspire you, this is what you can do:

Write your goals or brainstorm your ideas

Journal about your day

Catalog your memories

Journal about yourself and your story


Don’t make it an obligation for every day, it will be more fun when you do it as you get inspired but I keep it next to my bed so I get in the habit of doing it as much as I can! It’s fun and easy.

If it’s something that you’ve tried and hasn’t worked, it’s stressed you out, maybe you can find something else like drawing a picture, photography or recording a video for yourself. Find any creative way to process your life. I found that journaling has been a really big component of my personal development and the journey I’ve taken to self-discovery.

Let me know what works for you. Do you journal?