About me

My name is Jined Lamata and I'm a life and business coach for people like you who have BIG dreams; coaches, consultants, creatives, entrepreneurs who have the desire to make an impact and who want to run their own business. 

My experience spans across the realms of Transformational Coaching, Social Media, SEO, Marketing, Design and Creative Writing.

Working for Univision’s corporate community empowerment platforms, I was responsible for creating a strategy to leverage our campaign’s messages. We worked in partnership with leading organizations who share an interest in serving the community to help bring focus to the  issues facing our community, and provide a range of valuable resources under our four pillars: Education, Health, Prosperity and Participation. With my experience working at Univision, I learned the ins and outs of developing a strong online marketing plan that engages your followers and makes a true impact. 

I have over six years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, helping leverage their brand through online marketing. Empowerment is my "thing". I am super passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs make a difference in the world by sharing tools to spread their message through social media, branding and online marketing. 

My background is in psychology and mental health. Truth is, I've always been incredibly fascinated by people, our psychology and finding a way to understand what motivates us to do the things we do. I've always been a believer that your mindset changes everything! As an entrepreneur myself, I know how difficult starting a business can be. That’s why through my work, I aim to find & share ways to work smarter, be happier, stay healthy and sane as an entrepreneur.  

Whether it’s through coaching, teaching you how to work the world of social media, creating content or a strategy plan for your business, I am committed to showing you how to discover your passion, leverage your voice online while maintaining a level head!