Helping creatives grow their business with marketing, branding & mindset coaching 


What does your brand say about you and your business? Let’s hone in on your target audience and create a consistent brand presence that speaks directly to them.


You know marketing is important, but you’re overwhelmed. Let’s put together a strategy & grow your business the right way! 


Looking to DIY your business? Learn everything you need to start and grow a life and business you love.

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Oh, the infinite black hole of research… When do we stop consuming and start creating? The answer is yesterday. For years, I spent countless hours learning how to market my business, how to set up webinars, how to change my mindset etc. I spent money on books,...

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I’m Jined, a marketing + branding strategist, designer, educator, and creative entrepreneur.

I help creatives, like you, by providing the tools and resources needed to market and brand your business.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself,  I’m here help you take all your magic and create a brand that stands out.


“Jined demonstrates great creativity and passion in her work. Having her as a valuable member of my team over the past three years has enabled us to develop strong engagement strategies for our brands and initiatives across various social media platforms. Her passion and commitment to innovation has helped us achieve tremendous growth in the reach of our platforms, and — more importantly — high levels of responsiveness and activity from our consumers. Her talent is helping Univision connect with our consumers in valuable ways.”

- Steven Levine

Jined was recommended to me by a fellow female entrepreneur as I had become completely stuck in how to move my business forward. I knew what I had to do, I just couldn’t work out how to do it!

From the start I knew Jined was the right person to help me. She completely understood what my business was about and how I wanted it to go in the future. She was infinitely patient with me and my technical unsavvy mind and gently guided me in the right direction. Jined has given me the courage to explore further the services I can provide to my clients, a place I would not have got to on my own.

- Claire Ashton


As I share about my life in Louisville, travel, food & my home remodel adventures...